Robin Rimbaud - Scanner: Phenol Captiva

"One of a series of sonic explorations focusing on minimalism, using only a Kilpatrick Phenol Synth with an Eventide H9 synth, with no additional instrumentation. I'm recording these works as part of The Robert Rauschenberg Residency in Captiva Florida, where I'm spending six weeks immersed in creativity alongside nine other figures of inspiration, from writers to painters, photographers to film directors. I filmed around the location and into the Waldo Cottage where I'm set up with my equipment." (Robin Rimbaud - Scanner)


Tetano Amnis: Live at Boto's Farm


Maruosa : Texture Liquide



12 Paintings as Heard by the Eyes of the Cyborgs

12 Paintings as Heard by the Eyes of the Cyborgs - Cyborg Jazz 

by Speculativism (Peter-David Smith)

"2 Paintings as Heard by the Eyes of the Cyborgs

These works are explorations of the automatic creation of music by software.

Here there are 12 pieces of music created by a process in which a human being sets the parameters for the software to do it√Ęs work and then afterward makes changes to the music based on more human, emotional values.

So the musical end result is a mixture of a human being and a robotic programme. I call the result Cyborg Jazz.

The software is the brilliant Kenji Kojima's RGB MusicLab (which converts pixels to music."

And this is the link to kenji Kojima's RGB MusicLab: kenjikojima.com/rgbmusiclab


Junpei Onodera : Variation One


krupnik : gloryhall (version)


Onradio03_21.01.10 - The Jurgens wave

"In our third program, we dealt with transcripts of phantastic vocal and musical phenomena. Of obsession and xenoglossy, about paranormal music and so-called "raps", we finally hear the phenomenon of the voices (EPP, Electronic Voice Phenomenon). With the Radiom method described for the first time by Friedrich Juergenson, we were looking for spirits in the ether"